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歌名 首句 試聽
1. 信徒是否看見 (Christian! Dost Thou See Them)  
2. 復活良辰 (The Day of Resurrection)  
3. 受難歌 (O Sacred Head, Now Wounded)  
4. 耶路撒冷黃金邦 (Jerusalem the Golden)  
5. 聖母傷心 (At the Cross Her Station Keeping)  
6. 堅固保障 (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God)  
7. 稱謝歌 (All People That on Earth Do Dwell)  
8. 讚美一神 (Doxology)  
9. 憑你意行 (Have Thine Own Way, Lord)  
10. 齊來信主聖徒 (O Come, All Ye Faithful)  
11. 歡然頌主 (Let Us with a Gladsome Mind)  
12. 都來感謝恩主 (Now Thank We All Our God)  
13. 願眾患難不移 (He Who Would Valiant Be)  
14. 美哉主耶穌 (Fairest Lord Jesus)  
15. 早禱 (Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun)  
16. 牧人聞信 (While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks)  
17. 奇妙十架 (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross)  
18. 樂哉主臨 (Joy to the World)  
19. 救主權能 (Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun)  
20. 千古保障 (O God, Our Help in Ages Past)  
21. 萬口歡唱 (O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing)  
22. 基督今復活 (Christ the Lord is Risen Today)  
23. 新生王哥欠 (Hark ! the Herald Angels Sing)  
24. 靈友歌 (Jesus, Lover of My Soul)  
25. 神聖主愛 (Love Divine, All Loves Excelling)  
26. 三一來臨 (Come, Thou Almighty King)  
27. 罪人快來 (I Will Arise and Go to Jesus)  
28. 主僕頌主 (Ye Servants of God)  
29. 求主操舟它 (Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me)  
30. 求神領我 (Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah)  
31. 會畢祝福 (Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing)  
32. 萬古磐石 (Rock of Ages)  
33. 郇城歌 (Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken)  
34. 穩當根基 (How Firm a Foundation)  
35. 耕田撒種 (We Plow the Fields)  
36. 教會聯合 (Blest Be the Tie)  
37. 齊來頌讚耶穌聖名 (All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name)  
38. 贖罪之泉 (There Is a Fountain)  
39. 博士來朝 (We Three Kings of Orient Are)  
40. 天父必看顧你 (God Will Take Care of You)  
41. 我愛我主國度 (I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord)  
42. 平安夜 (Silent Night, Holy Night)  
43. 要遍傳福音 (From Greenland's Icy Mountains)  
44. 聖哉聖哉聖哉 (Holy, Holy, Holy)  
45. 誠願祈禱 (Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire)  
46. 救主賜福 (Sun of My Soul Thou Savior Dear)  
47. 已負十架 (Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken)  
48. 夕陽西沉 (Abide with Me)  
49. 榮耀十架 (In the Cross of Christ I Glory)  
50. 騎轤進行 (Ride on, Ride on in Majesty)  
51. 晨光燦爛耀空 (When Morning Gilds the Skies)  
52. 主尋亡羊 (The Ninety and Nine)  
53. 仰望羔羊 (My Faith Looks Up to Thee)  
54. 早晨要撒你的種 (Sow in the Morn Thy Seed)  
55. 清晨之光漸明亮 (The Morning Light is Breaking)  
56. 慈光導引 (Lead, Kindly Light)  
57. 堅固磐石 (The Solid Rock)  
58. 試煉時光 (In the Hour of Trial)  
59. 我在人間做客 (I'm But a Stranger Here)  
60. 古人喜樂 (As with Gladness Men of Old)  
61. 何時神才救平民 (When Wilt Thou Save the People)  
62. 我罪極重 (Just as I Am)  
63. 應召歌 (Forward through the Ages)  
64. 好故事歌 (I Think When I Read that Sweet Story of Old)  
65. 與主相親 (Nearer My God to Thee)  
66. 萬國太平歌 (God the Omnipotent I King Who Ordainest)  
67. 決定歌 (Once to Every Man and Nation)  
68. 來得平安 (I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say)  
69. 永屬上主 (Thine Forever, God of Love)  
70. 展得勝旗在高處飄 (Fling Out the Banner)  
71. 城外青山 (There Isa Green Hill Far Away)  
72. 美麗光明物 (All Things Bright and Beautiful)  
73. 夜半歌聲 (It Came Upon the Midnight Clear)  
74. 守信歌 (Faith of Our Fathers)  
75. 如有所聞 (Hark, Hark! My Soul! Angelic Songs Are Swelling)  
76. 真神慈悲寬如海洋 (There's a Wideness in God's Mercy)  
77. 除夕迎新歲 (Ring Out, Wild Bells)  
78. 剛強神子 (Strong Son of God)  
79. 來擁戴主為王 (Crown Him with Many Crowns)  
80. 上主之靈 (Spirit of God Descend upon My Heart)  
81. 恩友歌 (What a Friend We Have in Jesus)  
82. 與主同在 (Still, Still with Thee)  
83. 求主擇路 (Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord)  
84. 時已夜半 (Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow)  
85. 奮勇交戰 (Stand Up for Jesus)  
86. 天堂金琴彈起 (Golden Harps Are Sounding)  
87. 救主全捨 (I Gave My Life for Thee)  
88. 獻己於主 (Take My Life, and Let it Be)  
89. 求主教我聽主恩音 (Lord, Speak to Me, that I May Speak)  
90. 新年來臨 (Another Year Is Dawning)  
91. 耶穌愛我 (Jesus Loves Me)  
92. 孩童好友 (There Is a Friend for Little Children)  
93. 歡欣安息之聖日 (O Day of Rest and Gladness)  
94. 天父領我 (He Leadeth Me)  
95. 聖誕佳節我聞鐘聲 (I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day)  
96. 奮勇歌 (Fight the Good Fight)  
97. 求來居我心 (Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne)  
98. 大地好風光 (For the Beauty of the Earth)  
99. 萬世生命 (Life of Ages, Richly Poured)  
100. 黑夜來臨 (Now the Day is Over)  
101. 信徒如同精兵 (Onward, Christian Soldiers)  
102. 歡欣感謝 (Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart)  
103. 舉世黑暗 (Saviour, Again to Thy Dear Name We Raise)  
104. 主敲心門 (O Jesus, Thou Art Standing)  
105. 募工歌 (Hark ! The Voice of Jesus Calling)  
106. 善牧恩慈 (The King of Love My Shepherd Is)  
107. 小伯利 (O Little Town of Bethlehem)  
108. 寶架清影 (Beneath the Cross of Jesus)  
109. 安居主懷 (Safe in the Arms of Jesus)  
110. 趕快救滅亡人 (Rescue the Perishing)  
111. 生命之道極奇 (Wonderful Words of Life)  
112. 莫把我棄掉 (Pass Me Not)  
113. 為世界頌主 (Christ for the World We Sing)  
114. 主耶穌我曾應許 (O Jesus, I Have Promised)  
115. 獨跪主前 (I Love to Steal Awhile Away)  
116. 平安歌 (peace, Perfect Peace)  
117. 信徒奮興 (O Zion Haste)  
118. 前行號令 (Forward Be Our Watchword)  
119. 我惟需主 (I Need Thee Every Hour)  
120. 天使歌聲 (Angel Voices, Ever Singing)  
121. 應主呼召 (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind)  
122. 有福確據 (Blessed Assurance)  
123. 晚霞漸逝 (Day Is Dying in the West)  
124. 擘開生命之餅 (Break Thou the Bread of Life)  
125. 願主向我吹氣 (Breathe on Me, Breath of God)  
126. 與主偕行 (O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee)  
127. 簇新民族 (These Things Shall: A Loftier Race)  
128. 再相會歌 (God Be With You Till We Meet Again)  
129. 偉大的愛 (O Love that Will Not Let Me Go)  
130. 永恆之君求前導 (Lead On, O King Eternal)  
131. 傳給萬邦的故事 (We've a Story to Tell)  
132. 禱告良辰 (Sweet Hour of Prayer)  
133. 青年向上 (I Would Be True)  
134. 快樂歌 (Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee)  
135. 中華美地 (We Love Our Native Land)  
136. 馬槽聖嬰 (I Know Not How That Bethlehem's Babe)  
137. 奮起愛主的人 (Rise Up, O Men of God)  
138. 主在墓中安臥 (Christ Arose)  
139. 讚美耶穌 (Praise Him! Praise Him)  
140. 美麗的祈禱花園 (The Beautiful Garden of Prayer)  
141. 神美化世界 (God Who Touchest Earth With Beauty)  
142. 請說耶穌的故事 (Tell Me the Stories of Jesus)  
143. 齊發光宗主的青年 (Shining for the Lord)  
144. 隱居拿撒勒的年日 (The Hidden Years at Nazareth)  
145. 祂年青而又發光的站著 (Young and Radiant He Is Standing)  
146. 這是天父世界 (This Is My Father's World)  
147. 你們要快樂 (Be of Good Cheer)  
148. 當今少年時日 (Now in the Days of Youth)  
149. 進我的心 (Into My Heart)  
150. 中華浸會百週年紀念歌 (China Baptist Centennial Hymn)  
151. 歡迎快樂晨 (Welcome, Happy Morning)  
152. 是否勞倦 (Art Thou Weary)  
153. 無量讚美和榮光 (All Glory, Laud and Honour)  
154. 慕主歌 (Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee)  
155. 痛哉!主血傾流 (Alas, and Did My Saviour Bleed)  
156. 創造奇功 (The Spacious Firmament)  
157. 試聽有客站在門外 (Behold a Stranger at the Door)  
158. 怏樂日 (O Happy Day })  
159. 萬福泉源 (Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing)  
160. 更愛我主 (More Love to Thee)  
161. 敬聽恩言 (Hark, My Soul! It Is the Lord)  
162. 甜蜜時光 (Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing)  
163. 亞伯拉罕的神 (The God of Abraham Praise)  
164. 真神成就萬般異躍 (God Moves In a Mysterious Way)  
165. 甜美聖名 (How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds)  
166. 奉上冠冕 (Look, Ye Saints)  
167. 解憂歌 (Come, Ye Disconsolate)  
168. 問星歌 (Watchman, Tell Us of the Night)  
169. 上帝之子 (The Son of God, Goes Forth to War)  
170. 天使初報聖誕佳音 (The First Noel)  
171. 榮耀大君王 (O Worship the King)  
172. 賜福救主 (Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us)  
173. 愛人歌 (O Brother Man, Fold to Thy Heart Thy Brother)  
174. 主愛輝煌歌 (Lord of All Being, Throned Afar)  
175. 耶穌是我善牧 (Jesus Is Our Shepherd)  
176. 以馬內利來臨 (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)  
177. 耶穌呼召 (Jesus Calls Us O'er the Tumult ?)  
178. 等主回來快要回來 (When He Cometh)  
179. 親愛耶穌 (My Jesus, l Love Thee)  
180. 復興主工 (Revive Thy Work, O Lord)  
181. 上帝進行歌 (Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory })  
182. 我們聚集生命河邊 (Shall We Gather at the River)  
183. 請講述長年往事 (Tell Me the Old, Old Story)  
184. 教會根基 (The Church's One Foundation)  
185. 我得好友 (I've Found a Friend, O Such a Friend)  
186. 永生之愛 (Immortal Love, Forever Full)  
187. 讚美我天父 (We Praise Thee, O God)  
188. 耶穌基督是我一切 (Jesus Is All the World to Me)  
189. 萬代之神 (God of Our Fathers)  
190. 耶穌小孩子的朋友 (Jesus, Friend of Little Children)  
191. 萬世之宗 (Ancient of Days, Who Sittest Throned in Glory)  
192. 生命路程 (Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life)  
193. 聖潔統緒 (Father in Heaven, Who Lovest All)  
194. 萬方團契 (In Christ There Is No East or West)  
195. 神聖同志 (Jesus, Thou Divine Companion)  
196. 我主耶穌青年木匠 (O Master Workman of the Race)  
197. 古舊十架 (The Old Rugged Cross)  
198. 向我再唱 (Wonderful Words of Life)  
199. 我寧願有耶穌 (I'd Rather Have Jesus)  
200. 我今渴慕聖靈充滿 (Holy Spirit Fill My Heart)  

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