版權屬 中國基督教協會 所有


歌名 首句 試聽
1. 聖哉三一歌 (Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty) 聖哉,聖哉,聖哉, [Midi]
2. 三一來臨歌 (Come, Thou Almighty King)   [Midi]
3. 萬世之宗歌 (Ancient Of Days, Who Sittest Throned In Glory)   [Midi]
4. 讚我天父歌 (We Praise Thee, O God)   [Midi]
5. 亞伯拉罕的主歌 (The God Of Abraham Praise)   [Midi]
6. 讚美三一歌 (All Praise To Him Who Built The Hills)   [Midi]
7. 夜盡光天歌 (Father, We Praise Thee, Now The Night Is Over)   [Midi]
8. 眾聖頌揚歌 (Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones)   [Midi]
9. 頌主恩光歌 (Long Before The Universe Formed)   [Midi]
10. 齊來謝主歌 (Now Thank We All Our God)   [Midi]
11. 榮歸天父歌 (To God Be The Glory)   [Midi]
12. 頌主化功歌 (I Sing The Mighty Power Of God)   [Midi]
13. 真美歌 (Lord, For Thy Revealing Gifts)   [Midi]
14. 太陽頌 (Canticle Of The Sun)   [Midi]
15. 稱謝歌 (All People That On Earth Do Dwell)   [Midi]
16. 慈父上帝歌 (Gracious God, Our Father)   [Midi]
17. 創造奇功歌 (The Spacious Firmament On High)   [Midi]
18. 快樂崇拜歌 (Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee)   [Midi]
19. 讚美上主歌 (Praise To The Lord, The Almighty, The King Of Creation)   [Midi]
20. 榮耀大君王歌 (O Worship The King All Glorious Above)   [Midi]
21. 讚父奇愛歌 (Father,'Twas Thy Love That Knew Us)   [Midi]
22. 千古保障歌 (O God, Our Help In Ages Past)   [Midi]
23. 讚美歌 (We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator)   [Midi]
24. 慈悲穩定歌 (Let Us With A Gladsome Mind)   [Midi]
25. 主愛輝煌歌 (Lord Of All Being, Throned Afar)   [Midi]
26. 大地風光歌 (For The Beauty Of The Earth)   [Midi]
27. 天父世界歌 (This Is My Father'S World)   [Midi]
28. 萬福泉源歌 (Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing)   [Midi]
29. 願仍高唱歌 (We Are Never, Never Weary Of The Grand Old Song)   [Midi]
30. 天恩歌 (Great Are Thy Mercies, Heavenly Father)   [Midi]
31. 慈悲聖父歌 (Father Mercy Almighty)   [Midi]
32. 萬福之源歌 (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)   [Midi]
33. 讚主權能歌 (Give Thanks To God Most High)   [Midi]
34. 稱頌崇拜歌 (Worship And Praise)   [Midi]
35. 大哉聖名歌 (All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name)   [Midi]
36. 賀他為王歌 (All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name)   [Midi]
37. 美哉羔羊歌 (How Grand The Song Of The Lamb Will Be)   [Midi]
38. 讚美耶穌歌 (Priase Him, Praise Him, Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer) 讚美 讚美, [Midi]
39. 擁戴歌 (Crown Him With Many Crowns)   [Midi]
40. 榮耀歸主名歌 (Glory To His Name)   [Midi]
41. 頌讚主聖名歌 (Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord)   [Midi]
42. 尊貴名歌 (Take The Name Of Jesus With You)   [Midi]
43. 尊主歌 (Gracious And Loving Is Our Lord)   [Midi]
44. 主配受讚美歌 (Jesus Thou Alone Art Worthy)   [Midi]
45. 基督永長久歌 (Christ Ever Eternal)   [Midi]
46. 讚美不盡歌 (Praise Ye The Saviours' Grace)   [Midi]
47. 頌主歌 (Lord Jesus, I Praise Thee)   [Midi]
48. 道路真理生命歌 (Thou Art The Way: To Thee Alone)   [Midi]
49. 主名甜美歌 (Jesus, I Love Thy Charming Name)   [Midi]
50. 永生之愛歌 (Immortal Love, Forever Full)   [Midi]
51. 耶穌美名歌 (Sweet And Holy Jesus' Name)   [Midi]
52. 美哉主耶穌歌 (Fairest Lord Jesus)   [Midi]
53. 奇妙救主歌 (What A Wonderful Saviour)   [Midi]
54. 心向主寶座歌 (Jesus, Our Lord, With What Joy We Adore Thee)   [Midi]
55. 讚美主恩歌 (Praise The Lord, O My Heart, And Sing For His Name)   [Midi]
56. 上主之歌 (Spirit Of God, Descend Upon My Heart)   [Midi]
57. 慈仁聖靈歌 (Gracious Spirit, Dwell With Me)   [Midi]
58. 生命活水歌 (Channels Of Living Water)   [Midi]
59. 聖靈歌 (May The Holy Spirit'S Sword)   [Midi]
60. 聖靈光照歌 (Come, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove)   [Midi]
61. 吹氣歌 (Breathe On Me, Breath Of God)   [Midi]
62. 聖靈運行歌 (Holy Spirit Like The Breeze)   [Midi]
63. 聖靈來到歌 (I Will Pray The Father, Jesus Said)   [Midi]
64. 主行新事歌 (All Ye Thirst, Come, And Lament No More)   [Midi]
65. 求充滿我歌 (Fill Me Mow)   [Midi]
66. 以馬內利來臨歌 (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)   [Midi]
67. 晨星歌 (Brightest And Best Of The Sons Of The Morning)   [Midi]
68. 明星燦爛歌 (Midnight, Sleeping Bethlehem)   [Midi]
69. 一輪明月歌 (The Moon And Stars Of Christmas Eve)   [Midi]
70. 牧人聞信歌 (While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night)   [Midi]
71. 平安夜歌 (Silent Night, Holy Night)   [Midi]
72. 君王誕生歌 (There'S A Song In The Air)   [Midi]
73. 聖誕佳音歌 (The First Noel The Angel Did Say)   [Midi]
74. 新生生歌 (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)   [Midi]
75. 普世歡騰歌 (Joy To The World! The Lord Is Come)   [Midi]
76. 齊來崇拜歌 (O Come, All Ye Faithful, Joyful And Triumphant)   [Midi]
77. 小伯利睆q (O Little Town Of Bethlehem)   [Midi]
78. 馬槽歌 (Away In A Manger, No Crib For A Bed)   [Midi]
79. 聖夜靜歌 (Crystal Night, Stilly Night)   [Midi]
80. 聖誕夜歌 (It Came Upon The Midnight Clear)   [Midi]
81. 三博士歌 (We Three Kings Of Orient Are)   [Midi]
82. 榮耀歌 (Angels We Have Heard On High)   [Midi]
83. 歡樂佳音歌 (Shout The Glad Tidings)   [Midi]
84. 聖誕感恩歌 (Jesus Our Saviour, Word Incarnate)   [Midi]
85. 揚聲讚美歌 (Sing It Out With A Shout)   [Midi]
86. 歡樂無窮盡歌 (Let Our Gladness Have No End)   [Midi]
87. 巍然乘驢歌 (Ride On! Ride On In Majesty)   [Midi]
88. 無量榮光歌 (All Glory, Laud And Honour)   [Midi]
89. 橄欖山頭歌 ('Tis Midnight; And On Olive'S Brow)   [Midi]
90. 耶穌獨自禱告歌 (It Was Alone The Saviour Praved)   [Midi]
91. 父旨成全歌 (Thy Will Be Done) 在那寂靜漆黑的晚間, [Midi]
92. 城外青山歌 (There Is A Green Hill Far Away)   [Midi]
93. 十架永存歌 (The Old Rugged Corss) 在各各他山上,孤立十字寶架, [Midi]
94. 領到各各他歌 (Lead Me To Calvary)   [Midi]
95. 流血歌 (Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed)   [Midi]
96. 在十字架歌 (Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed) 可歎我主聖體血流, [Midi]
97. 受難歌 (O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded)   [Midi]
98. 奇妙十架歌 (When I Survey The Wondrous Cross)   [Midi]
99. 寶架清影歌 (Beneath The Cross Of Jesus)   [Midi]
100. 萬古磐石歌 (Rock Of Ages, Cleft For Me)   [Midi]
101. 我有主耶穌歌 (My Faith In The Lamb That Was Slain)   [Midi]
102. 寶架歌 (In The Cross Of Christ I Glory)   [Midi]
103. 我信主耶穌歌 (Jesus My Lord Was Crucified For Me)   [Midi]
104. 復活良辰歌 (The Day Of Resurrection)   [Midi]
105. 戰爭完畢歌 (The Strife Is O'Er, The Battle Done)   [Midi]
106. 基督複生歌 (Jesus Christ Is Risen Today)   [Midi]
107. 大啟樂園歌 (Christ The Lord Is Risen Today)   [Midi]
108. 主復活歌 (Christ Arose)   [Midi]
109. 喜樂良辰歌 (Joy Dawned Again On Easter Day)   [Midi]
110. 復活喜訊歌 (In The Hazy Morning Light)   [Midi]
111. 救主升天歌 (Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise)   [Midi]
112. 得勝君王歌 (See The Conqueror Mounts In Triumph)   [Midi]
113. 大開城門歌 (Ye Gates, Lift Up Your Heads On High)   [Midi]
114. 同聲歡呼歌 (Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs)   [Midi]
115. 耶穌升天歌 (Behold, There Came A Cloud So Bright)   [Midi]
116. 再無幽谷歌 (There'Ll Be No Dark Valley)   [Midi]
117. 號筒吹響歌 (When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder)   [Midi]
118. 等主回來歌 (When He Cometh (Precious Jewels))   [Midi]
119. 必須儆醒歌 (Will Jesus Find Us Watching)   [Midi]
120. 審判日要來歌 (There'S A Great Day Coming)   [Midi]
121. 將見我王歌 (We Shall See The King Some Day)   [Midi]
122. 教會根基歌 (The Church'S One Foundation)   [Midi]
123. 我愛教會歌 (I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord)   [Midi]
124. 教會三自歌 (Self-Gov'Ning Our Church Endeavours For)   [Midi]
125. 教會我所愛歌 (Love Our Church, The Temple Of God)   [Midi]
126. 基督教會歌 (Churches Of Christ)   [Midi]
127. 我愛中國教會歌 (God Our Father, Lead Our Church On)   [Midi]
128. 中華教會自立歌 (Church Of China, Arise And Stand)   [Midi]
129. 信徒相愛歌 (Brotherly Love)   [Midi]
130. 團契歌 (We Gather In Thy House)   [Midi]
131. 系連妙結歌 (Blest Be The Tie That Binds)   [Midi]
132. 萬方團契歌 (In Christ There Is No East Or West)   [Midi]
133. 安靜近主歌 (Tread Softly)   [Midi]
134. 今到主殿歌 (Now I Come To The Holy Temple)   [Midi]
135. 頌主聲音歌 (Thank God For Praising Voice)   [Midi]
136. 聚會歸主名下歌 (Blessed Lord Here We Are)   [Midi]
137. 禮拜喜樂歌 (Joy At Worship)   [Midi]
138. 恭敬讚美歌 (Today Anew We Worship Thee)   [Midi]
139. 平安佳日歌 (O Day Of Rest And Gladness)   [Midi]
140. 喜樂歌 (Come, Ye That Love The Lord)   [Midi]
141. 高唱主名歌 (Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart)   [Midi]
142. 耶穌普治歌 (Jesus Shall Reign Where'Er The Sun)   [Midi]
143. 主定之日歌 (This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made)   [Midi]
144. 安息聖日歌 (Another Six Days' Work Is Done)   [Midi]
145. 復興主工歌 (Revive Thy Work, O Lord)   [Midi]
146. 禮拜散時歌 (Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing)   [Midi]
147. 小鳥啼明歌 (Still, Still With Thee, When Purple Morning Breaketh)   [Midi]
148. 清晨歌 (At Early Morn All Nature Worships Thee) 清早起來看,紅日出東方, [Midi]
149. 每日新恩歌 (New Every Morning Is The Love)   [Midi]
150. 早起讚美歌 (Rise Early To Praise Our God)   [Midi]
151. 清早敬拜歌 (Worship God At Dawn)   [Midi]
152. 主恩日新歌 (Lord Jehovah, My Protion Is)   [Midi]
153. 夕陽西沉歌 (Abide With Me; Fast Falls The Eventide)   [Midi]
154. 黃昏崇拜歌 (Day Is Dying In The West)   [Midi]
155. 晚間頌聲歌 (The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended)   [Midi]
156. 我靈之光歌 (Sun Of My Soul, Thou Saviour Dear)   [Midi]
157. 夜晚覲主歌 (The Moon In The Sky, And Stars Shine Bright)   [Midi]
158. 晚禱歌 (My Heart Rejoices, A Day'S Work Done)   [Midi]
159. 快樂日歌 (O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice)   [Midi]
160. 領受聖洗歌 (Stand, Soldier Of The Cross)   [Midi]
161. 天上歡樂歌 (Ring The Bells Of Heaven)   [Midi]
162. 許願歌 (O Jesus, I Have Promised)   [Midi]
163. 受洗歸主歌 (Baptized Into The Lord)   [Midi]
164. 聖事中見主歌 (Thee We Adore, O Hidden Saviour, Thee)   [Midi]
165. 擘開生命餅歌 (O Break The Living Bread)   [Midi]
166. 愛筵我嘗歌 (Curse He Suffer'D; Grace I Enjoy)   [Midi]
167. 救世天糧歌 (Bread Of The World, In Mercy Broken)   [Midi]
168. 來近聖桌歌 (Jesus, To Thy Table Led)   [Midi]
169. 領受餅杯歌 (For The Bread And For The Cup)   [Midi]
170. 學做好牧人歌 (Learn To Be A Good Shepherd)   [Midi]
171. 傾降聖靈歌 (Lord, Pour Thy Spirit From On High)   [Midi]
172. 聖靈感化歌 (Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire)   [Midi]
173. 聖堂紀念日歌 (O Happy Souls, United Let Us Rise)   [Midi]
174. 獻堂感恩歌 (Consecration For The Church Building)   [Midi]
175. 為國求福歌 (Pray For Our Motherland)   [Midi]
176. 神佑中華歌 (The Land That Thou Hast Chosen)   [Midi]
177. 求主福佑中華歌 (Bless Our Country, O Lord God)   [Midi]
178. 神工妙筆歌 (The Miraculous Pen Of Divine Work)   [Midi]
179. 心泉歌 (The Grace Of God Unbounded Is)   [Midi]
180. 一年又過歌 (Another Year Is Gone)   [Midi]
181. 新歲初臨歌 (The Old Year Past, The New Year Comes)   [Midi]
182. 新年歡喜歌 (Old Year'S Gone)   [Midi]
183. 四時近主歌 (Seeking God In All The Seasons)   [Midi]
184. 收成謝恩歌 (Harvest Song)   [Midi]
185. 恭行婚禮歌 (Today We Meet With Joyful Hearts)   [Midi]
186. 歡樂婚姻歌 (This Happy Day This Pair We Join)   [Midi]
187. 完全恩愛歌 (O Perfect Love, All Human Thought Transcending)   [Midi]
188. 孝親歌 (Honour Thy Father And Mother)   [Midi]
189. 敬老尊長歌 (Respect For Elders)   [Midi]
190. 生辰感恩歌 (Grateful To God For Your Birthday)   [Midi]
191. 睡主懷中歌 (Asleep In Jesus, Blessed Sleep)   [Midi]
192. 靠恩得救歌 (Saved By Grace)   [Midi]
193. 追思歌 (Full Or Crescent Be The Moon)   [Midi]
194. 再相會歌 (God Be With You Till We Met Again)   [Midi]
195. 三疊離歌 (Our Parting Blest By Christian Bonds)   [Midi]
196. 新屋落成感恩歌 (A New Building Is Completed)   [Midi]
197. 生命之道歌 (Wonderful Works Of Life)   [Midi]
198. 聽訓歌 (Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind)   [Midi]
199. 與主心交歌 (At Early Morn I Bend My Step)   [Midi]
200. 聖言常存歌 (Lord, Thy Word Abideth)   [Midi]
201. 賜我聖經歌 (Give Me The Bible)   [Midi]
202. 播種比喻歌 (Kingdom Is Like One Who Sows)   [Midi]
203. 禱告良辰歌 (Sweet Hour Of Prayer)   [Midi]
204. 時常祈禱歌 (O Lord, Teach Me Oft To Pray)   [Midi]
205. 不住祈禱歌 (Don'T Stop Praying)   [Midi]
206. 賜福如雨歌 (There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing)   [Midi]
207. 憑主旨意行歌 (Have Thine Own Way, Lord)   [Midi]
208. 求主助我禱告歌 (Help Us To Pray, O Lord)   [Midi]
209. 園中同行歌 (In The Garden)   [Midi]
210. 寶血宏恩歌 (I Hear Thy Welcome Voice)   [Midi]
211. 流血之泉歌 (There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood)   [Midi]
212. 寶貴血泉歌 (When I Saw The Cleansing Fountain)   [Midi]
213. 曾否就主歌 (Are You Washed In The Blood)   [Midi]
214. 依傍十架歌 (I Am Coming To The Cross)   [Midi]
215. 奇妙能力歌 (Wonderful Keeping Power)   [Midi]
216. 近主十架歌 (Near The Cross) 我心依傍主十架,在彼有生命泉, [Midi]
217. 主尋亡羊歌 (The Ninety And Nine)   [Midi]
218. 歸回父家歌 (The Prodigal Son)   [Midi]
219. 慈父呼召歌 (Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling)   [Midi]
220. 感謝主恩歌 (O Lord, I'Ve Heard Of Thee By Hear-Say)   [Midi]
221. 主敲心門歌 (O Jesus, Thou Art Standing)   [Midi]
222. 妙愛找我歌 (O The Love That Sought Me)   [Midi]
223. 主肯進來歌 (Behold Me Standing At The Door)   [Midi]
224. 歸主蒙恩歌 (Kneeling With A Humble Heart)   [Midi]
225. 我來就主歌 (Just As I Am, Without One Plea)   [Midi]
226. 必須重生歌 (Ye Must Be Born Again)   [Midi]
227. 求莫棄我歌 (Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour)   [Midi]
228. 求主潔淨我心歌 (My Lord, O Cleanse My Heart)   [Midi]
229. 白超乎雪歌 (Whiter Than Snow)   [Midi]
230. 榮耀釋放歌 (Glorious Freedom)   [Midi]
231. 求來我心歌 (Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne)   [Midi]
232. 主也愛我歌 (He Loves Me, Too)   [Midi]
233. 降恩之主歌 (O Lord Of Heaven And Earth And Sea)   [Midi]
234. 主愛越久越深歌 (Sweeter As The Years Go By)   [Midi]
235. 主恩更多歌 (His Grace Aboundeth More)   [Midi]
236. 時刻蒙恩歌 (Moment By Moment I'M Kept In His Love)   [Midi]
237. 數算主恩歌 (Count Your Blessings)   [Midi]
238. 神聖純愛 (Love Divine, All Loves Excelling)   [Midi]
239. 耶穌愛我歌 (Jesus Loves Me, This I Know)   [Midi]
240. 主更保貴歌 (Jesus Is Dearer Than All)   [Midi]
241. 敬聽恩言歌 (Hark, My Soul! It Is The Lord)   [Midi]
242. 喜主愛我歌 (I Am So Glad That Jesus Loves Me)   [Midi]
243. 惟獨耶穌歌 (Jesus Only Is Our Message)   [Midi]
244. 我要耶穌歌 (I Need Jesus)   [Midi]
245. 今要主自己歌 (Himself)   [Midi]
246. 慕主歌 (Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee)   [Midi]
247. 滿園芬芳 (Awake And Come, O North Wind)   [Midi]
248. 與主同去歌 (Winter Is Past, The Rain Is Gone)   [Midi]
249. 專愛耶穌歌 (None Of Self And All Of Thee)   [Midi]
250. 我屬耶穌歌 (Draw Me Nearer)   [Midi]
251. 每想到你歌 (Thinking Of Thee, O Lord Jesus)   [Midi]
252. 主愛說不盡歌 (O His Love Is More Than Tongue Can Tell)   [Midi]
253. 愛不棄我歌 (O Love That Will Not Let Me Go)   [Midi]
254. 如今更愛主 (My Jesus, I Love Thee)   [Midi]
255. 愛主更深歌 (More Love To Thee, O Christ)   [Midi]
256. 愛的詩歌 (A Psalm Of Love)   [Midi]
257. 神愛長歌 (God'S Love Flows)   [Midi]
258. 耶穌領我歌 (He Leadeth Me)   [Midi]
259. 一路引導歌 (All The Way My Saviour Leads Me)   [Midi]
260. 善牧恩慈歌 (The King Of Love My Shepherd Is)   [Midi]
261. 如有所聞歌 (Hark! Hark, My Soul! Angelic Songs Are Swelling)   [Midi]
262. 慈光歌 (Lead, Kindly Light, Amid Th'Encircling Gloom)   [Midi]
263. 主意盡美歌 (Some Time We'Ll Understand)   [Midi]
264. 跟隨我歌 (Follow Me)   [Midi]
265. 願跟隨主歌 (I Would Follow On)   [Midi]
266. 主在心中歌 (The Lord Is In My Heart)   [Midi]
267. 聞主召我歌 (Where He Leads Me I Will Follow)   [Midi]
268. 主常看顧歌 (Precious Promise)   [Midi]
269. 求主操舵歌 (Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me)   [Midi]
270. 天父看顧歌 (God Will Take Care Of You)   [Midi]
271. 賜福救主歌 (Saviour, Like A Shepherd Lead Us)   [Midi]
272. 虹霓雨點歌 (He Sends The Rainbow And The Rain)   [Midi]
273. 神的應許歌 (God Hath Not Promissed)   [Midi]
274. 耶穌同在歌 (Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven)   [Midi]
275. 求主帶領歌 (Yield Not To Temptation)   [Midi]
276. 信靠依順歌 (Trust And Obey)   [Midi]
277. 我之所信歌 (I Know Whom I Have Believed)   [Midi]
278. 仰望羔羊歌 (My Faith Looks Up To Thee)   [Midi]
279. 主不改變歌 (Yesterday, Today, Forever)   [Midi]
280. 有福確據歌 (Blessed Assurance)   [Midi]
281. 主活在我心歌 (He Lives)   [Midi]
282. 靠主膀臂歌 (Learning On The Everlasting Arms)   [Midi]
283. 耶穌我來歌 (Out Of My Bondage, Sorrow And Night)   [Midi]
284. 時刻需主歌 (I Need Thee Every Hour)   [Midi]
285. 一心靠賴歌 (All My Doubts I Give To Jesus)   [Midi]
286. 靠主有福歌 (Trusting In The Lord)   [Midi]
287. 主必保守歌 (He Will Hold Me Fast)   [Midi]
288. 時刻靠主歌 (Simply Trusting Every Day)   [Midi]
289. 信中近主歌 (We Walk By Faith, And Not By Sight)   [Midi]
290. 平穩安靜歌 (Be Even And Quiet)   [Midi]
291. 安居主懷歌 (Safe In The Arms Of Jesus)   [Midi]
292. 我靈鎮靜歌 (Be Still, My Soul)   [Midi]
293. 耶穌住我心歌 (Since Jesus Came Into My Heart)   [Midi]
294. 平安在我心歌 (Constantly Abiding)   [Midi]
295. 享受平安歌 (I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say)   [Midi]
296. 緊靠上主歌 (O For A Closer Walk With God)   [Midi]
297. 心中陽光歌 (There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today)   [Midi]
298. 來得安息歌 (He Who Comes To Me, Ne'Er I'Ll Cast Out)   [Midi]
299. 靈友歌 (Jesus, Lover Of My Soul)   [Midi]
300. 主是我萬有歌 (Jesus Is All The World To Me)   [Midi]
301. 谷中百合花歌 (The Lily Of The Valley)   [Midi]
302. 恩友歌 (What A Friend We Have In Jesus)   [Midi]
303. 平安讚美歌 (Jesus The Calm That Fills My Breast)   [Midi]
304. 生命路上歌 (Jesus Has Lifted The Lord)   [Midi]
305. 是否勞倦歌 (Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid)   [Midi]
306. 美妙聲音歌 (He Keeps Me Singing)   [Midi]
307. 歡樂頌揚歌 (Rejoice And Sing Unto My Lord)   [Midi]
308. 主是我磐石歌 (The Lord'S Our Rock, In Him We Hide)   [Midi]
309. 生活美好歌 (Happy Is Our Life)   [Midi]
310. 前行號令歌 (Forward! Be Our Watchword)   [Midi]
311. 效法耶穌歌 (I Want To Be Like Jesus)   [Midi]
312. 學象耶穌歌 (Lord, I Want To Be A Christian)   [Midi]
313. 我願象主歌 (O! To Be Like Thee)   [Midi]
314. 成聖工夫歌 (Take Time To Be Holy)   [Midi]
315. 助我進深歌 (Deeper, Deeper In The Love Of Jesus)   [Midi]
316. 頌主之心歌 (O For A Heart To Praise My Lord)   [Midi]
317. 謙卑隨主歌 (Humble Thyself To Walk With God)   [Midi]
318. 一齊增長歌 (Jesus Grew Both Tall And Wise)   [Midi]
319. 榮美福地歌 (Dwelling In Beulah Land)   [Midi]
320. 往前走歌 (Onward Go)   [Midi]
321. 天程競走歌 (Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve)   [Midi]
322. 信徒精兵歌 (Onward, Christian Soldiers)   [Midi]
323. 善惡兩軍歌 (Hold The Fort)   [Midi]
324. 求賜智慧歌 (God Of Grace And God Of Glory)   [Midi]
325. 奮起歌 (Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus)   [Midi]
326. 萬民奮興歌 (The Morning Light Is Breaking)   [Midi]
327. 堅固保障歌 (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God)   [Midi]
328. 天父加恩歌 (More To Follow)   [Midi]
329. 尊主為大歌 (My Soul Magnifies The Lord)   [Midi]
330. 歷代婦女多聖賢歌 (Women Of Ages Virtuous Be)   [Midi]
331. 效法諸聖歌 (Learning From The Saints)   [Midi]
332. 求主開啟歌 (Open My Eyes, O My Lord)   [Midi]
333. 耶穌呼召歌 (Jesus Calls Us; O'Er The Tumult)   [Midi]
334. 清心謙恭歌 (Blest Are The Pure In Heart)   [Midi]
335. 永屬上主歌 (Thine For Ever! God Of Love)   [Midi]
336. 為你離天歌 (I Gave My Life For Thee)   [Midi]
337. 無我惟主歌 (Not I, But Christ)   [Midi]
338. 各有十架歌 (Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone)   [Midi]
339. 立願歌 (Just As I Am, Thine Own To Be)   [Midi]
340. 已負十架歌 (Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken)   [Midi]
341. 奉獻全生歌 (Take My Life And Let It Be)   [Midi]
342. 獻己於主歌 (Take My Life And Let It Be)   [Midi]
343. 一切獻上歌 (I Surrender All)   [Midi]
344. 向主獻呈歌 (We Give Thee But Thine Own)   [Midi]
345. 都歸耶穌歌 (All For Jesus)   [Midi]
346. 奉獻身心歌 (Living For Jesus)   [Midi]
347. 愛傳福音歌 (I Love To Tell The Story)   [Midi]
348. 任主差遣歌 (I'Ll Go Where You Want Me To Go)   [Midi]
349. 遵命有福歌 (Blessed Are They That Do His Commandments)   [Midi]
350. 榮神益人歌 (Honour God, Benefit Men)   [Midi]
351. 與主偕行歌 (O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee)   [Midi]
352. 遵旨做工歌 (Forth In Thy Name, O Lord, I Go)   [Midi]
353. 樂獻我躬歌 (Grant, Good Lord, That We Serve Thee As We Ought)   [Midi]
354. 盡心盡意愛眾人歌 (Love The People With Heart And Might)   [Midi]
355. 恩光歌 (Jesus Bids Us Shine)   [Midi]
356. 本分歌 (A Charge To Keep I Have)   [Midi]
357. 愛人歌 (O Brother Man, Fold To Thy Heart Thy Brother)   [Midi]
358. 鄰舍就在身旁歌 (Neighbours Are Just Beside You)   [Midi]
359. 生活如光歌 (God Make My Life A Little Light)   [Midi]
360. 小小水滴歌 (Little Drops Of Water)   [Midi]
361. 我要真誠歌 (I Would Be True)   [Midi]
362. 收成歸天家歌 (Bringing In The Sheaves)   [Midi]
363. 為主作工歌 (In The Service Of The King)   [Midi]
364. 誠實話歌 (Always Speak The Truth)   [Midi]
365. 活出基督歌 (Living Out Christ)   [Midi]
366. 光照小地方歌 (Brighten The Corner Where You Are)   [Midi]
367. 趕快工作歌 (Work, For The Night Is Coming)   [Midi]
368. 求主助力為善歌 (Help Us To Do Good)   [Midi]
369. 歡樂服務歌 (Joy In Serving)   [Midi]
370. 新天地歌 (A New Jerusalem We Seek)   [Midi]
371. 有一福地歌 (There Is A Happy Land)   [Midi]
372. 光明處所歌 (Light'S Abode, Celestial Salem)   [Midi]
373. 仰望天家歌 (O Think Of The Home Over There)   [Midi]
374. 與主接近歌 (Nearer, My God To Thee)   [Midi]
375. 讚慕福地歌 (Sweet Bye And Bye)   [Midi]
376. 勞碌已盡歌 (Glory For Me)   [Midi]
377. 樂進天國歌 (When We All Get To Heaven)   [Midi]
378. 近乎上帝之心歌 (Near To The Heart Of God)   [Midi]
379. 詩篇二十三篇 (Psalm 23)   [Midi]
380. 詩篇一OO篇 (Psalm 100)   [Midi]
381. 詩篇一O三篇 (Psalm 103:1-13)   [Midi]
382. 詩篇一二一篇 (Psalm 121)   [Midi]
383. 詩篇一三三篇 (Psalm 133)   [Midi]
384. 詩篇一五O篇 (Psalm 150)   [Midi]
385. 大秦景教三威蒙度讚 (The Highest Heavens With Deep Reverence Adore ( Nestorian Hymn Of The Tang Dynas)   [Midi]
386. 仰止歌 (Lord, Before All Time Thou Wast ( Hymn Of The Ming Dynasty ))   [Midi]
387. 都來頌 (Venite, Exultemus Domino)   [Midi]
388. 尊主頌 (Magnificat)   [Midi]
389. 求主憐憫文 (Kyrie Eleison)   [Midi]
390. 心中仰望文 (Sursum Corda)   [Midi]
391. 三聖文 (Sanctus)   [Midi]
392. 榮耀頌 (Gloria Patri)   [Midi]
393. 獻禮文 (Offertory Sentences)   [Midi]
394. 主禱文 (The Lord'S Paryer)   [Midi]
395. 使徒信經 (The Apostles' Creed)   [Midi]
396. 主在聖殿中 (The Lord Is In His Holy Temple) 主在聖殿中,主在聖殿中, [Midi]
397. 求聽我祈禱 (Hear Our Prayer, O Lord)   [Midi]
398. 榮耀歸神 (Glory To God In The Highest)   [Midi]
399. 三一頌 (Doxology)   [Midi]
400. 阿們頌 (Amens)   [Midi]
401. 神愛世人  
402. 對主你如何  
403. 愛何等大恩何等深  
404. 仰望十架  
405. 我要向山舉目  
406. 哈利路亞讚美耶穌  
407. 可愛美名  
408. 耶穌做朋友  
409. 活時祂愛我 活時,祂愛我,死時,祂救我, [Midi]
410. 廣廣似洋無邊 廣廣似洋無邊,高高似最高的天, [Midi]
411. 求主扶助  
412. 主言永存  
413. 賜下真光  
414. 接受我心  
415. 進我的心  
416. 神啊求你鑒察我  
417. 我當完全屬主  
418. 今我有快樂 今我有快樂,快樂, [Midi]
419. 喜樂滿我心  
420. 恩如雨沛降  
421. 大山可以挪開  
422. 祂顧念你們  
423. 主內有真平安  
424. 一宿哭泣清晨歡呼  
425. 壓傷的蘆葦祂不折斷  
426. 主我愛你  
427. 我真是愛耶穌  
428. 當與蒙召的恩相稱  
429. 彰顯主榮美  
430. 眾人以為美的事  
431. 要為主發光  
432. 忘記背後努力面前  
433. 分別是非  
434. 不要作糊塗人  
435. 務要叫鄰舍喜悅  
436. 施比受更為有福  
437. 信心加上德行  
438. 手懶的要受貧窮  
439. 父在我們中間  
440. 謝飯歌  
441. 舊約目錄歌  
442. 新約目錄歌  

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